“Azatutyun” TV openly defends Vahe Grigoryan’s position

The main topic of “Azatutyun” TV’s “Sunday-analytical with Hrair Tamrazyan’s” program, broadcasted on July 7, was judge Vahe Grigoryan’s letter who raises an issue of crisis in the Constitutional Court and offers a way out of it.

During a long airtime, the time provided to Taron Simonyan, an MP from the “Bright Armenia” faction and Gevorg Petrosyan, an MP from Prosperous Armenia, who both disagree with V. Grigoryan’s opinion, lasts only 2-3 minutes. Most of the airtime is devoted to the broadcast  of opinions confirming V. Grigoryan’s position, for example, time is provided to “My Step” faction MP Vahagn Hovakimyan and Tigran Yegoryan. Even a few minutes of broadcasting is taken from V. Grigoryan’s interview given to the Public Television of Armenia, in which he insists his point of view on the existing crisis.

After, CC Chairman Hrair Tovmasyan’s and CC’s further activity were questioned by Tigran Yegoryan, the representative of March 1 victims Gor Kloyan and Armen Farmanyan and by Gor Kloyan’s father, Sargis Kloyan, in the framework of the March 1 case. The most extensive reference of the program “Sunday Analytical with Hrair Tamrazian” is an interview with former military prosecutor, former Deputy Prosecutor General Gagik Jhangiryan, who in a long interview explains why there is a problem with the Constitutional Court and then political commentator Hakob Badalyan’s interview is followed where the mentioned topic is again touched upon.

By supporting Vahe Grigoryan’s position, “Azatutyun” continues to violate the proportion of contradictory opinions, as opponents are given seconds or 1-3 minutes. Thus, “Azatutyun” TV clearly supports V. Grigoryan’s opinion, violating the principle of impartial work of media.