Mr. Tsarukyan receives a large number of negative articles

From 21 to 30 June, 2019, the “Media Advocate” initiative followed online media reports on the Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, Gagik Tsarukyan’s personality and activities.

35 leading Armenian news agencies have been monitored.

In the specified period, 96 articles were declared, 35 of which were negative, 8 were positive and 53 were neutral.

It’s been the second week since Mr. Tsarukyan receives a large number of negative articles. Gagik Tsarukyan, of course, continues his charitable and social programs, but all this is no longer active in the media field, instead, the more multilayer negative articles become.

The news outlets write that Robert Kocharyan is angry with the behavior of the PAP in relation to his case. According to media, the 2nd President will speak on the origins of the PAP after the end of his trial.

Passions do not calm down after Abovyan elections. The media continues to claim that Sasun Mikayelyan has worked for Gagik Tsarukyan’s preferred candidate. All this was denied after. The SIS (Special Investigation Service) invited Tsarukyan to interrogation. Tsarukyan’s response to the SIS has also been criticized, according to the news outlets, he was harsh and failed to appear at the SIS interrogation.

CD (Citizen’s decision) party continues to be consistent with Gagik Tsarukyan’s case and, according to the party, they should achieve justice.

In fact, Gagik Tsarukyan has appeared in a situation where he can not get rid of criticisms from business-related issues linked to his name. Sasun Mikayelyan-Gagik Tsarukyan’s possible cooperation in his turn creates additional tension in the “My Step” alliance, which also negatively affects Gagik Tsarukyan’s personality.