They do not oppose the government’s viewpoint

During the same issue on June 6, the Prime Minister’s Chief Advisor Arsen Gasparyan speaks about the country’s economic situation, the fight against corruption, answering the reporter’s questions such as which were the achievements of the government over the past year. The speech of the RA Prime Minister’s advisor is quite general, justified by ” Nikol Pashinyan’s political will”. Speaking of the expected investments and responding to the question why there are no major investments in Armenia, he mentions that large investments do not happen in a night or a month; it is a matter of time. Afterwards, he represents the interests of several countries towards Armenia, speaks about business forums that are yet to be organized, avoiding pointing out the results of the government’s economic policy over a year. The opposite views of economist experts are not presented, in fact, there are no opposite viewpoints which may contradict the prime minister’s advisor’s assessments.
“Azatutyun” TV continues broadcasting a unilateral pro-government stance, which contradicts the rules of journalism ethics.