Online Media Coverage of the Artsakh Conflict /1-15 March/

From 1 to 15 March, 2019, online media coverage of the Artsakh conflict was in the spotlight of “Media Advocate” initiative. 34 leading news agencies have been monitored. The articles were selected through international analytical programs.

3 categories were selected: News / Analysis / Opinion

In addition, the materials have also been segmented as negative / positive / neutral

The articles that do not reflect the policies and ideas of the authorities are negative, the ones that represent the views of authorities are positive, and finally those articles which express comprehensive opinions or which are official releases are neutral.

During the specified period, 3385 articles were monitored.

The graph (See gr. 1) illustrates the image obtained by combining the results of selected categories and segments. The chart represents the X and Y coordinate axis, where the horizontal coordinate is the segment (positive / negative / neutral), and the vertical one is the category (news / analysis / opinion). During the calculations positive and analytic identifiers were marked with (+), negative and comment (-) signs, neutral and news with (0) number.

The rating and the graph of the monitoring results indicate that the deputy representing the “My Step” alliance was mistaken in his observations. The unbiased media agencies noted by the MP have a below-average position. It may be concluded that the government has initiated a delicate propaganda in the issue of the Artsakh conflict, and new and dramatic changes are expected soon.

We present the ratings of the news agencies according to their rankings, where the news agency ranked under 1 is considered to have the best result of the month, while the one with the worst outcome is placed under 34.

Unbiased coverage ratings










10. 18. 20. 33.


P.S. The “Media Advocate” initiative will continue to focus on the events; in particular, any encroachment and biased approach to freedom of expression will be harshly assessed.